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What we Do

We are a professional swimming pool and spa maintenance business committed to customer satisfaction through quality service. With over ten years of experience in the industry and as a certified swimming pool technician with the Los Angeles Health Department we provide knowledgeable, quality service to residential and commercial locations. There’s no task too big or small. With the support of qualified professionals with over 100 years of accumulated experience in swimming pool installation and maintenance, our goal is to always give the most accurate and professional service possible.

Accessories in pool industry are constantly evolving, therefore, it is vital to have competent and knowledgeable technicians available. Our focus is on weekly swimming pool and spa maintenance which is essential to keeping a healthy body of water. Once contracted we commence with a thorough water analysis to learn where the chemistry of your water stands, then we attend to the chemical needs of your pool or spa’s water based on those results; ultimately keeping your water free of algae and bacteria and SHIMMERING BLUE!!

Preserving water quality and balanced chemicals equals a healthy body of water for any bather to enjoy.

Our Services:

  • Free Estimates***
  • Pool and Spa Maintenance
  • Saline Pool and Spa Maintenance
  • Chemical Maintenance
  • Acid Washes
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Drain/Clean of pool and spas
  • Start ups

Maintenance includes:

  • Skimming water surface
  • Brushing of walls
  • Vacuuming floor
  • Clean out skimmer basket
  • Clean out pump basket
  • Brushing tile line
  • Water analysis
  • Chemically treating pool
  • Visual inspection of filtration system to ensure its working properly and without leaks
  • Visual inspection of water level and adding water while servicing pool or spa while on premises